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About Us

Rhino Roofing and Construction

Founded in Jacksonville, Florida we are a construction company that can fix anything from the top of your roof to the bottom of your driveway. We promise to keep working until you are satisfied. Call us now for all your construction needs or Schedule with us for Free Roof Inspection!

Claim Assistance

We will assist you in your insurance claim processing. Once a claim is submitted, we can help you follow up with your insurance on the status of the claim.

How to file a claim? (TIPS)

  1.  Reached out to your insurance company and asked for an adjuster appointment.
  2.  It would be better if you let us come during the adjuster appointment for us to explain further to your insurance what needs to be done and for us to have an initial agreement to what the coverage is.
  3. Once a claim has been submitted, we will help you in requesting updates from your insurance via call/email to follow up with the claim.
  4. If you receive updates from your insurance, please let us know as soon as possible by calling or emailing us.
  5. After the work has been done, we will still assist you in submitting final inspection documents and filing the invoice until the payment transaction.

We are more than happy to assist you in your insurance claim process from START to FINISH!

Materials & Workmanship Warranty

We provide the highest quality of materials and make sure they are durable for any kinds of calamities. We also give a repair warranty for FULL ROOF REPLACEMENT!